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Diana Ive Along the Enchanted Road

Diana Ive Along the Enchanted Road

Unit 3 was delighted to present Along the Enchnted Road, the first solo exhibition in London of Diana Ive’s work. An established Latvian artist, Ive has produced series of charming oil on canvas paintings that offer an atmospheric account of Diana’s most recent travelling and working on site in France. Throughout her creative career Ive has been known for her tranquil, meditative, reflective landscapes and cityscapes. The paintings showcased in Unit 3 are a continuation of the artist’s life-long fascination with the anatomy and majestic presence of trees. “A tree is a perfect example of universal design. It has been around for centuries and yet its shape always feels current” – says Ive. Since her childhood a keen observer of nature, Ive, most frequently, turns her attention to sycamores, as she feels they hold a deeper mythological meaning – “Sycamores are very ancient species, their positioning decided on the organisation of old settlements.” The artist uses urban and architectural motifs as a background and a metaphor to reflect centuries of history that passed under the monumental crowns. Working mainly in oil, Ive creates evocative compositions, the freshness of which is achieved through vibrating swipes of paint reminiscent of French impressionists. Applying rhythmic, wide, yet well considered brush strokes, she is drawn to contrasts, achieving a peculiarly tender effect though, thanks to the powdery quality of her palette and lyrical tone of her themes. Ive manages to capture multi-dimensional airy light so expertly, that a whiff of wind and a trembling dance of leaves are as tangible as in a nostalgic town in South of France.

About the artist Diana Ive was born in Riga, Latvia in 1978, where she still lives and works. Her first point of interest was sculpture when she graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia in 2003. Over the next decade of mostly national exhibitions, she gradually leaned towards the painting, which she took as an objective when obtaining another Masters Degree from Art Academy of Latvia in 2013. Diana has exhibited extensively home and abroad throughout her career and most recently has won the Artist in Residence in Paris sponsorship.

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