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Live catwalk

Live catwalk

Unit 3 organised and hosted a fashion show in order to promote collections of eight Russian designers, winners of the Fashion Industry Expo competition in St Petersburg. Ekaterina Spirova, Anna Kuznetsova, Elena Bayshnikova, Rokstoria, Alena Gusarova, Olga Prodan and Elena Kondrina were all welcomed by our team and looked after during their visit. To make sure the designer’s stay is pleasant and inspiring, we organised exploration tours around London, so they had a chance to see not only major landmarks but also hidden gems off the beaten track.

Despite the styles of the designers being rather dissimilar, the diversity of approaches made for a vibrant and lively catwalk. Graphic linear lines of Ekaterina Spirova’s work became a prelude for Anna Kuzentsova’s original prints; Elena Baryshnikova’s organic approach to draping and surface print counterbalanced the richness of knitted surfaces by Rokstoria. Focus on modernity of Olga Prodan’s unique and innovative textiles and Alena Gusarova’s hyper-realistic prints contrasted beautifully with softness and earthiness of Alyona Davydenko’s casual silhouette.

Such an array of collections served an intense visual feast to the delighted audience.

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