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Unit 3 had an invaluable opportunity to bring our designers to France and organise a fashion show amongst the lavish scenery of Bordeaux. Oga Prodan, Ekaterina Spirova, Alena Gusarova and Roxtory brought their new collections to showcase in front of selected audience. Their collections, though individual in their aesthetics, shaped up into diversified yet curiously harmonious show.

Prodan’s clean streamlined silhouettes had a stunning hand-crafted technique applied to the surface of the fabric. Models, clad in sophisticatedly minimal outfits, resembled monumental beautiful garden statues in garments that shimmered softly with all shades of grey.

Roxtory, by contrast, presented a selection of soft, cosy, luxurious knitwear. The collection was produced especially for the French event and, as ever, Roxtory’s wonderfully textured garments derived their inspiration from nature. Softly warm cream tones of their colour palette were punctuated with the richly deep greens and overall effect was of clothes that are both effortless and chic in a totally modern way.

Alena Gusarova showed several collections that would carry a contemporary woman from morning till night. White ensembles of separates had hyper-realistic prints of snowy mountain picks that were echoing sharp tailoring of her clothes. Classic pieces like shirt or trousers were thrown into a mix of more unconventional asymmetric waistlines and dress hemlines, which made the collection suitable as a work wear for a successful woman who is not afraid to stand out. Gusarova’s other proposition was similarly graphic in its minimal colour; albeit with softer lines and more of holiday vibes running through.

In her collection, Ekaterina Spirova fused into a wonderful mix poetic and functional. Lively patchwork of contrasting fabrics and clashing prints was delightfully playful and uplifting. The designer’s sensible approach meant that there were pieces to accommodate different needs and multitude of tastes, which reflected in sales after the show.

Relaxed pace of the show and intimate atmosphere meant that the Unit 3 Fashion event continued late into the night with the audience enjoying an excellent wine from the nearby chateau and making purchases straight from the catwalk.

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