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Sone Aspen & Bulana Inga SS17 Fashion Show

Sone Aspen & Bulana Inga SS17 Fashion Show

Unit 3 brought two new exciting designers to the showroom and a catwalk show was organised to promote their collections. Sone Aspen and Bulana Inga are award-winning St Petersburg-based designers, whose work has been recognised and widely appreciated by the industry. The designers’ visit was inspiring and fruitful; as Unit 3 team made sure to help them visit major art exhibitions and trade shows.

The preparation for the show itself turned into a fun collaborative event. Fabulous make up artist Kristina Pavlovic worked tirelessly to create the most alluring glowing look on models who displayed exceptional patience and dedication.

Both collections brought in poetic romanticism and fresh injection of textures and colours. Sone Aspen innovatively played with a simple technique of drawstring gathering, which used on tulle and netting created compelling effect of painterly softness and flowing movement. Their colour palette, consisting of dusty pinks, pale lilacs and greys was inspired by the shades and movement of water. It complemented that contrived fullness of lightweight fabrics and fortified that effect reminiscent of a watercolour painting. The collection was incredibly sensuous and its gently vibrating, shimmering predominantly cocktail and evening dresses, evoked balmy summer nights by the moonlit water.

Bulana Inga’s look had louder, vivacious vibes running through. The designer experimented with contrasting prints and textures; mixing fur and chiffon, neoprene and organza. Taking naïve and folk art as an inspiration, the result was kaleidoscopic delightful concoction of patchworked A-line and trapeze dresses, vibrant jumpsuits and loose perforated tops that brought a sense of freedom and playful youth.

Despite the gloomy and bleak downpour outside of the showroom, our audience was transferred into the luminous magical world of Sone Aspen and Bulana Inga.

Designers: Sone Aspen; Bulana Inga Make up: Kristina Pavlovic Models: Katarzyna Dyjach; Bethany Hawker; Kate White; Nano Hassan; Elizabeth Bojko; Mena Zibeou; Cally Lam; Karolina Bebenek Photography: Agnieszka Dolata Video artist: Zoe Desgraupes

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