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We were delighted to welcome four fashion designers, winners of the Fashion Industry Expo competition held in St Petersburg in March 2014. The Unit 3 team made sure the designers experienced London’s vibrant culture to the full, taking them to the most interesting exhibitions in town while they were visiting. We arranged meetings for the winners at the London College of Fashion, where they were able to familiarise themselves with the facilities and get an insight into the College’s learning approach. During their time with us, the four also visited working studios, where they had a chance to spend some time with London fashion designers and creatives, observing and engaging with the day to day work of couture production. Inspired and energised, the four designers marked the end of their visit with a mini collection celebrating their experiences of the capital. Using Unit 3’s onsite production facilities, they developed and completed their pieces before putting them together in a show. To promote these talented young designers’ collections, we organised a special video and photo shoot for them in Unit 3. This was a highlight of their visit, and a great way to end successful two weeks. The designers all had a hand in the filming process. You can see their finished video and images below. Congratulations to all four designers, who created a wonderful London-inspired vision. We look forward to seeing their careers develop and their dreams shine.



Ekaterina Spirova
Maxim Krylov
Natalia Korotkova
Roza Minas


Aleksandra Magerova
Ekaterina Spirova

Video & photoshoot Magdalene J Wittchen

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